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La Dépêche du Midi - C. Moisset - 15 June 2007
CULTURE. As the Prize winner of several group exhibitions, Anna Dos Santos displays her paintings as of 18 June.
We praise her for her wonderful exhibition at the Château de Malpagat.

"Do we paint to travel in our minds or do we travel to paint? From her recent trips to the South: Turkey, Egypt and the discovery of deserts, Anna has developed « a taste for working on the brightest colours, the shapes of the Princes' architecture » she says while commenting on a series of her latest paintings « from lakes to mirages ». She has been Number One in many group exhibitions in and around Toulouse and has enjoyed teaching Art with young children and teenagers alike. As she has been awarded several prizes in group exhibitions, Anna obtained the public's best prize at the Winter Salon of Arts St-Cyprien in February 2007 at Hotel-Dieu in Toulouse.

Through her travelling experiences and meeting new people, her painting draws on aesthetic and emotional variations. Her paintings tell of arid spaces. From blacks, browns, red and yellow ochres to various hues of grey, they offer the public a palette of natural colours which remind us of such desert landscapes as Jordan or Yemen. These are the countries which have aroused the strongest emotions while exploring colours. « Shapes, signs and writings emerge from the canvas as bits of travelling, the very theme of the exhibition », says Anna Dos Santos.

Her work develops from bits of writing on paper which she has brought back from her travels and which have still kept their memories. She then adds inks then layers of acrylics, allowing misty atmospheres to float between Earth and Sky... here is a colourful exhibition not to be missed from 18 June until 24 June 2007 at the Château de Malpagat, in the presence of the artist.

Exhibition open from 3.00 pm until 7.00 pm. Preview exhibition on Monday 18 June at 7.00 pm.