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33rd Contemporary Art Exhibition -
16 July to 15 August 2010

Mme G. Rouet - Chairwoman of the Exhibition in

After obtaining a degree in the Fine Arts from the university of Aix-en-Provence, Anna Dos Santos has taught Plastic Arts and Art History.

Translating time and space is part of her writing. She interprets tracks and marks that she discovers when travelling to remote places. She tries to fix the movement, the swiftness, the wearing effect of time, making them easier to approach through the medium of matter and colour which merge in a natural and organised process.

The interaction of matter and technique (collage, ink, acrylic) allows her to explore new temporal and plastic spaces, between colours and textures, opacity and transparency. Her paintings which bear witness to a fleeting moment that has immediately disappeared, become part of a movement that fascinates her and becomes memory. She puts on the canvas hues where the ochre and the grey prevail and inserts into them words and signs like a multicultural manifesto that is merged into the colour.

Isn’t Anna Dos Santos’s work a hymn to the earth, an ode to the universal?

Anna regularly takes part in most exhibitions in the region. Her works have won prizes in various events. Moreover, she is now ranked in the Cotation Drouot.