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Tarn Libre - Jean Pruliere - 20 July 2007
Passion Woman
Until 5 August, an exhibition entitled « Passion Women » with paintings by Anna Dos Santos and sculptures by Eva Rouchka will be shown in Giroussens. After studying Plastic Art in Aix-en-Provence then in Toulouse, Anna Dos Santos has dedicated her life to painting for over the last ten years. Working on the travel theme, she starts using papers with words on them, makes collages then works with inks and layers of acrylic in order to create various atmospheres and surroundings. Travelling experiences are her main source of inspiration starting with old bits of writing. Eva Roucka, of Czech origin, arrived in France as a political refugee. She studied in Prague and now lives in Castres exclusively on her work as a sculptress. Her work is of abstract wood, far less figurative than what she does in her studio for, she says, « these sculptures which I exhibit today match so well Anna's paintings ». She made them with a chainsaw. She also exhibits some ceramics which insist upon her artistic origins. Ceramics is Art in itself. ".
Une exposition complémentaire à voir à la Mairie de Giroussens de 14 heures à 18 heures (excepté le lundi).

Town Hall in Giroussens from 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm (except on Mondays).