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La Gazette du Lot and Sud d'Ouest - Thursday 24 July 2008

Anna Dos Santos exhibits her paintings.

Artist Anna dos Santos presents her exhibition « Writings Wanderings » in the Town Hall until 29 July 2008. She works on her canvas using a specific paper: bits of literature, old scores, old printed papers. Sometimes she uses papers she brought back from her travels and which still contain emotional memories or old papers which bear the marks of accidents, misfortunes, temporal transformations. Anna plays with them too create coloured settings and atmospheres. Through layers of inks and acrylics, different routes appear while several techniques merge which express a destination, some emotion, some specific composition. Why use pieces of writing? Because she uses words in her art in the same way as colours and shapes. From the canvas, unconspicuous, round and fragmented bits of writing spring out and echo each other, in French and Italian, in Arabic and Japanese. She enjoys mixing languages like an open dialogue on the world, beyond limits, beyond borders. « I am myself a dialogue between two cultures. Born in France of Portuguese origin, I have decided to focus my work on identity, communication and integration » she says. Her exhibition will be shown in Penne d'Agenais Town Hall until 29 July. The artist will be there. An exhibition not to me missed.