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Le Journal du Palais - Marina Gaulon - N°3299 - From 29 January to 4 February 2009.

Exhibition: Getting away at the Art Gallery «Le SPHINX»
"The contemporary Art gallery « Le Sphinx » will exhibit Anna dos Santos's paintings from 30 January until 28 February 2009. Anna is of portuguese origin and lives in Castres. She has presented her works in numerous exhibitions in South West France. PLAYING with TRANSPARENCIES: Art gallery owner Gerard Conoir wished to present her paintings which use various materials mixed with original techniques. « The artist adds layer upon layer while trying to have transparencies lurk through the many layers », he underlines. « Most often, she starts working on the canvas by a mere collage of papers and texts which she eventually complete with shapes and colours..... The artist uses powerful warm vivid colours so as to create wonderful ochre dazzling effects. It is obvious such lyrical abstract work achieves a perfect balance between shapes, colours and transparencies. Her paintings express their own poetry and tell the visitor about Anna's travels to distant countries and her emotions then deeply felt », stresses Gérard Conoir. Anna Dos Santos, who has a reputation for being meticulous, accurately builds up her pictorial work in order to arouse in the visitor a feeling of getting somewhere else, of freedom when gazing at her paintings."



La dépêche du Tarn et Garonne - 19 February 2009.
Anna Dos Santos
"Anna dos Santos is sensitive to the world as it appears and her travels have aroused deep emotions in her. She currently presents her paintings at the Art Gallery « Le Sphinx ». Her artistic approach is nurtured by pictorial and emotional variations. « I am trying to create a lyrical world that brings together poetical forms and possible signs », she stresses. The exhibition is open to the public from Wednesdays to Saturdays from 3 pm until 7 pm at the Art Gallery Le Sphinx, 31 rue du Général Sarrail. Free admission."

Press information - G et L. CONOIR - 17 January 2009.
Art Gallery the SPHINX - Montauban
With such energy and sensitiveness, Anna Dos Santos reveals a different approach to painting. Seeking the unreachable and the intense, she invents a new language of forms free from any model. Dealing with abstract painting, she grasps the fleeting expression, movement and light so unlike our static world. Sensitive to the contemplation of the world and to the emotions her travels have aroused, we discover in her paintings the strong relations between black and colours, happy and bright explosions. Our eyes take in the whole of the scene with unlimited scope...