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80ème SALON DES ARTISTES MERIDIONAUX  Saint-Jérome Cultural Centre, Toulouse
from 3 until 24 October 2008

Founded in 1905, the Société des Artistes Méridionaux (Southern Artists) will open its 80th Salon at the St Jérôme Cultural Centre in Toulouse from 3 until 24 October 2008. Outside fashions and formal trends, the selection jury presents 80 artists from various cultures and expressions around the theme : SCREENS/APPARENCES.

Several Prizes will be awarded at the Preview exhibition on 3 October 2008 which the artists will attend:
- Prize of the city of Toulouse (purchasing - collection of Fine Arts)
- Prize of the Young Talent - Lyons' Club Toulouse - St Sernin,
- The Southerners' Great Prize
- Prix Art et Cadres International
The works on exhibition are published in a coloured catalogue on sale during the Salon.
Artist Anna DOS SANTOS, is delighted to invite you to the Preview exhibition of the 80ème Salon des Artistes Méridionaux, on Friday 3 October from 17.00 until 21.30 and on Saturday 4 October from 14.00 until 20.00, at the SAINT-JEROME Cultural Centre in TOULOUSE.

Tourist Office - Fraïsse-sur-Agoût (Hérault)

Exhibition "Writings Wanderings" at la Maison de l'Agoût
from 1 until 15 September 2008

With its stone houses bordering the Agout river, Fraïsse is an old village which combines tradition and flower arrangements. It is in this natural and touristic setting that the village welcomes several temporary exhibitions. Huddling round its church-tower, this Four-Flower village Laureate will exhibit about twenty paintings by Anna Dos Santos in the Tourist Office Gallery until 15 September 2008.

Open to the public from 10.30 until 12.30 and from 14.00 until 17.00.

Tourist Office Allée des Cerisiers 34330 Fraïsse-sur-Agoût  Map
Tel :


from 18 until 27 July 2008

Town Hall - Penne d'Agenais (direction to Agen & Villeneuve sur Lot)

Mayor of Penne d'agenais

and the Town Council are delighted to invite you to the Preview exhibition on Saturday 19 July at 18.30 in the Town Hall in Penne d'Agenais.

Famous for its Art crafts, the medieval village of Penne d'Agenais greets the visitors, along its narrow streets, with numerous artists' studios. For the second time, the Town council welcomes the paintings of Anna Dos Santos whose theme « Writings » perfectly matches the aesthetic quality history and memory of this wonderful place.

Open to the public : from 10.30 to 12.30 and from 14.00 to 19.00 in the company of the artist.

Town Hall, place Paul Froment, 47140 Penne d'Agenais - Map
Information :



Festival of LEVEJAC in Carbes (Tarn)
from 4 to 6 July 2008

Collective exhibition with paintings, sculptures, installations, concerts and performances in the studio of Eva Rouchka (sculptress) and Michel Goldstyn (potter).

The festival will open on Friday 4 July from 5.00 pm (visits, theatre, drinks, and artists' performances).
Exhibitions will open on Saturday and Sunday at 10.00 am with the artists.

Anna DOS SANTOS, artist, is delighted to welcome you to the various events during this creative Festival in the Tarn.

Download the programme of the Festival
Poterie de LEVEJAC 81570 Carbes
Tel :



from 16 June to 2 July 2008

The exhibition « Writings Wanderings» keeps moving through a different cultural centre in Toulouse. The House of Occitania, based in an old city mansion in the Esquirol district, will exhibit the paintings by Anna Dos Santos from 16 June until 2 July 2008. It deals with the unquestionable link between her travels and multilingual spaces.

Open everyday from 10 am until 18.00 from Mondays to Fridays
Saturdays and Sundays from 14.00 until 18.00.

Anna DOS SANTOS, is delighted to invite you to the preview exhibition:
on Wednesday 18 June at 19.00

House of Occitania, 11, Malcousinat Street 31000 Toulouse - Map



from 17 May to 14 June 2008

Anna Dos Santos is an artist from Toulouse who has dedicated her life to painting for the last ten years. She was awarded several prizes at group exhibitions and will exhibit about fifteen paintings at the Casa d'Espana, in Castres (Tarn) from 17 May until 14 June 2008.

Old papers, bits of literature, musical scores, writings brought back from my many travels... For Anna Dos Santos, paper may start the whole creative process and writing plays a major role in her work. Words merge with colour and material to build up spaces of creation, spaces for travelling and coloured atmospheres between Earth and Sky. Paper bearing words on it carries along with it a memory, then it sticks onto the canvas and connects to diluted inks and acrylics. Either readable or unreadable, the word is in itself a kind of statement altogether cultural, temporal and aesthetic in the same way as colour, shape or matter. Often, writing appears in different languages when we move from one fragment to the next on the same painting as if to disclose an open vision of the world, beyond the lines, beyond borders.
Born in France but of Portuguese origin, Anna Dos Santos has always had a taste and passion for travelling, especially to multicultural and multilingual lands....
« Language is the best tool for communication in our modern world and an excellent vehicle for the freedom of expression and integration... » she says .

Open to the public everyday (except on Sundays)
    from 9.30 am until 11.30 am + Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays from 15.30 until 17.30

Anna will be present on Saturdays from 10.00 am until 12.00 am

Anna DOS SANTOS, is delighted to invite you to the preview exhibition of her paintings and collages on Saturday 17 May at 18.30
Casa d'Espana in CASTRES, 8 pl Soult 81100 CASTRES - Map
Tel : 05 63 35 53 46